HydroDawg™ Water Bottle

$29.95 $39.95

On a hike or on the road, the HydroDawg is perfect for any size an type of dog. Never leave your dawg thirsty again.


Available in Two Sizes: Our 18 oz bottle is perfect for larger dawgs and longer hikes. Our 12 oz bottle is ideal for smaller pups.

BPA Free: Our water bottles are BPA free, FDA approved, and dishwasher safe.

Bowl + Bottle: Pack lighter next time around with this unique combination of water bottle and water bowl.

Small and Portable: You're on-the-go, so your gear should be too. HydroDawg water bottles are lightweight and easily fit in your bag

Anti-Spill Technology: Our unique design ensures no leaks- just slide the lock and go. 

Easy to Use: You can use one hand to hydrate your pup thanks to the nifty button that dispenses water into the bowl.

Durable: Made of quality hard plastic, you don't have to worry about broken glass during your adventures.

Reusable: We love this planet, and we want to keep it beautiful. HydroDawg water bottles are reusable.